12 Weeks of Exhaustion

Hi guys, remember me? I said I would open up and share my thoughts and journey here and I haven’t been doing a great job at that lately. But I have crazy exciting news that my wonderful husband and I will are going to be the proud parents of a sweet little baby the first week of May!!

Pregnancy for the first 12 weeks has been interesting so far. I’ve been a mix of emotions (per usual), exhausted, and extra thankful for my saint of a husband who gets me groceries, makes me laugh and works so hard for our little family.

My next appointment is Thursday and I’m excited to see how the little baby has grown these last few weeks. My heart yearns for a perfect report from the doctor reassuring that everything is right on track.

My sweet clients have been so patient with me as I slowly tackle my inbox in between waves of sickness. Thank you for understanding and being so wonderful.


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