The birth of my daughter and the days around it is a blur but I’ll never forget the moment I saw her. After a healthy pregnancy I had an “easy” birth and met our beautiful Riley on May 3rd at 10:01 am. She was perfect at 7lbs 10oz 20.5inches. Her dad and I wept at how amazing it was that she was finally here.

I’ve been a mom for almost a month and BOY what a month it’s been. A roller coaster of emotions. Crazy highs and some real/raw/how can I do this lows. You always hear motherhood changes you, but it’s impossible to understand what that means until the time comes. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. Exhaustion and wild hormones make you feel like you’ll never be the same. I spent hours in the middle of the night googling everything to see if it was normal. I called the pediatrician after she spit up one night. People tell you it gets easier. And little by litle, day by day, it does get easier…and you fall so hard in love with this perfect little miracle you created with the love of your life.

We’re getting the hang of this parenting thing but it’s HARD. I’m starting to feel normal again when I’m able to catch up on some sleep. I spend my days cuddling with my sweet girl all day (and night). I’m anxious to come back to my amazing clients and show you a new/refreshed brand. I have changed so much and I want my business to reflect that. It’s hard to sit at the desk when I just want to stay in bed and stare at her. …I don’t know how moms do it!

How gorgeous is this baby girl?!

Here’s a little video I made to document the first few weeks of her life:

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