Custom Logo and Blog Design: Jody Savage Photography

Oh Jody. We had so much fun working on her new brand together.

Jody has a full time job and has still managed to build up a gorgeous portfolio. She says “After years and years of studying, workshops, classes I decided to take the plunge and take my hobby to the next level.”

Not only did I love her sense of style and the message she wanted to send, but she pushed me to new levels with this project.

She came to me with a clear idea of what she wanted – a home page showcasing her beautiful work in a slideshow and a different look for the blog. [panic…I hadn’t seen this done before…could I do it?] With a bunch of work arounds, my love for ProPhoto has become deeper as my knowledge grows.

Aren’t Jody and her family the cutest ever?!

We worked together to make something I am truly proud of and I am SO excited to see her make her dreams come true with her new brand.

::Client Recap::

Describe your new design in 5 words:
fun, fresh, quirky, timeless, sweet

What’s your favorite part of your designs?
My new logo and colors! The very first designs she sent over were a homerun!

Did you enjoy the process working with Emily?
She was amazing, and I was a bit high maintenance I’m ashamed to say but she was just lovely throughout and so quick to respond!! And she was happy to change things up to just the way I wanted and incorporate all the little details that makes it so unique and me!

What’s next for Jody Savage Photography?
Lots of exiting things, a summer full of weddings! Some fabulous newborn sessions and hopefully by next spring I’ll be building my own studio! Do you do interior design? 😉

Go check out Jody’s new website and blog! And find her on Facebook.


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